Friday, October 19, 2007

animal fridaaay.

when i think about it, i should be working on my animals on thursday so i can post these first thing on fridays...

oh well. today's animal is a cat. there's a fish too, but the fish is dead. i can't say i know how to draw cats, so this is my lame-o attempt. took me about 3 hours to get the whole thing done from sketch to final. seems pretty fast when i think about it now, but it felt like it was taking forever. the entire drawing was done in photoshop (sketch and all). it's the first time i've really done something like that (sorta), so i'm relatively happy with it- waah! wtf there's a bug on my desk. die. killed it. with my pen.

anyway, about those christmas cards, i've decided to get back to acrylics again. i haven't touched my acrylics for almost a year now so we'll see what happens. i've got a sketch ready, but i'm not going to post it. haha.

oh, and i changed the template on my blog. the white-on-white thing happening with my work and the site's background was hurting my eyes. this seems to be working better.


Michael said...

thats cute.
make me a birthday card damnit haha

Monica Grue said...

i just fainted! jk. cool stuff