Wednesday, October 24, 2007


yes, i realize that i have spelt that wrong and what i'm actually saying refers to a four stringed instrument of the violin family.

here it is, my first acrylic painting since some time last year. i think. anyway, point is, i havent painted in acrylic in a long time. and yes, im a horrible photographer. i tried scanning it, but with all the reflected light, it's like staring into the sun. without the burning part.

in all seriousness, i dont know what to make of it. i have always been unable to fully understand the quality of my acrylic paintings. it is at a pretty much finished state, but if any of you see something that you think would make it better, please say so. i will take your comments into serious consideration. unless of course your comment is not serious, which in that case, i will give you a non-serious response.

ok. so one christmas card kinda down, possibly two more to go. oh and did i mention, one my of friends who also happens to have a blog is also part of the christmas card show thingy. you can check out her sketches (among other things) here: banjos!

no, there are no banjos there. yet.


Michael said...

why does the tree look so sad, whats the writing in the card gonna be?

my name is arthur. said...

it's a sad tree. i guess.

not all the paintings at the show will actually be made into cards, so i dont know what the insides are supposed to be like.

Monica Grue said...

such a cute, sad tree!

Mia said...

are you psychic or something? i was working on a drawing that had a banjo in it!

haha, i was also wondering why the tree is sad. it has presents!