Friday, November 16, 2007

animal friday...?

if only my desk were actually that tidy.

i know. pretty lame. i'll post an animal tmr. maybe it will be a goat. eating all my money. stupid goat.


Monica Grue said...

hey rectangle glasses are the shit don't you know? they're like on the same level as shutter shades.

Jeremy said...

for some reason this entire page is in chinese. that makes it even awesomer than it already is. wish i understood 选择身份 and everything.请使用您的 Google 帐户登录

Michael said...

draw a tiger

prince of cake. said...

to monica: shutter shades?? i sure hope youre kidding.

jerm: 我看不動你在寫什麼。你的媽。哈哈哈!

mike: ok.