Wednesday, November 7, 2007


it seems that i have started to lower the rate of my posts. no, it doesnt mean i have stopped working. it also doesnt not mean i have been slacking off.

the main reason for my slackerish behavior is due to a certain spiky-haired defense attorney. that individual is mr phoenix wright: ace attorney. to those of you who dont know, phoenix wright is a character in a game that involves the player playing the role of a defense attorney in a number of seemingly random and rather ridiculous murder cases. as the "hero" you must investigate the numerous murder scenes, interrogate the suspects, then prove your client's innocence with JUSTICE! and evidence. and humor. but mostly JUSTICE! it sounds very silly, and it kinda is. its similarities to actual law practices are probably pretty scarce. in fact, you kind of come off more as a detective than a lawyer, but whatever.

so yeah, ive been spending a good amount of my time doing justice. the fact that i did a quick sketch of him as well (note that it is quite exaggerated) doesnt help the fact that i am wasting time.

but just so you know im actually working, here's a portion of the second christmas card im working on. it's pretty much done, but i still need to work on some lighting and contrast details. gah. hate that stuff.

you might be thinking, "wtf?" and youre absolutely right. wtf indeed.


Mia said...

That is a scary sandy claws... and the lawyer as well!

Wait, what are you reading this for? Back to work!

Gary said...

Now that's my kind of Christmas card. When can I buy one?

prince of cake. said...

haha! glad you like it. my mom hates it. haha. she thinks it's missing the point of christmas. moms.

i dont know if they will actually become christmas cards. i cant say i really know what's going on with that. i'll let you know when i find out.

oh and mia, stop distracting me! geez.