Monday, December 10, 2007

the nature.

ok, i realize a crappy looking bird is hardly worthy of an animal friday painting. but in actuality, i am working on an acrylic painting (finished actually) that includes an animal. octopus to be precise. unfortunately, i am planning on giving it to someone as a christmas gift and would rather not post it until after christmas. same goes with a number of other paintings that i will be working on for the next week. the thing is, i am going back to Hong Kong for my christmas break this coming saturday and would like to get the paintings done before i leave. so you can see how i might be a little scarce on time.

ironically, i pretty much spent the whole day today trying to multitask by chatting it up with a friend, trying to help him with his script, trying to think of an animal to draw, and getting ready to start my next painting. needless to say, i pretty much wasted a lot of time as nothing was getting done very well or very fast.

but hey, save the nature.


Mia said...

hey mister, are you leaving morning/afternoon on sat? i need to send you a postcard, but i'm getting them in the mail tomorrow...should i wait to send it to you when you get back (it would be belated i guess), or send it this week anyway?

p.s.:have a great trip!
p.p.s. nice environmental awareness message there hahaha

prince of cake. said...

youre going to mail me something? aww how nice :D

um... i'll probably have to be up at around 8 in the morning (which is probably going to be a real challenge). i doubt saturday mail gets to its destination that early. but i guess you might as well mail it now as there's still a slight chance i could get it before i leave.

Mia said...

i sent it yesterday morning. i'll bet it'll get there tomorrow! you probably WILL get it late, but it's the thought and effort that counts, i guess!

haha. good luck in getting up early : )