Monday, December 17, 2007

reading is for chumps (1 of 5).

hello. as i have mentioned earlier, i have arrived back to my home in hong kong for the christmas break. what does this mean for my blog? it means that progress will be stunted dramatically. it is the way it is when i am home. which is probably why im not home very often. but since i dont want to go for a month or so without an update, here's what i'll do.

before i left, i sent out a set of homemade bookmarks (as a gesture of christmas spirit. or because it was just fun to make them) to some illustrators i know. the idea was to choose a character from the recipient's work that i felt was recognizable in a way as their own, and draw them my own way. for fun. for some reason that sentence was difficult to write. im still not entirely sure it makes sense.

whatever. to put it as simply as i can: i made some bookmarks, the bookmarks are drawings of characters created by the recipient and illustrated by me, something about christmas, weeeeee.

so here they are, one by one.

[little devil character created by bob dob. dont know if he takes credit for the crow as it is just a crow]

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