Tuesday, February 5, 2008

practice makes cute kittens cry.

thought i'd get some practice done on people and stuff. started from scratch on photoshop and it took way too long. still, i think i learned a thing or two. like how hard it is to do things without outlines. and how i like well dressed women.

i also realize that "cute kittens" is pretty redundant.


Monica Grue said...

stylin'! pin stripes = awesome.

prince of cake. said...

i agree. pin stripes do equal awesome.

J. Time said...

wow. i've missed so many fridays. you've been busy! your easter's really quite emo. i like the first in that series, really exciting somehow.

you should do a whole series of well dressed office ppl just talking normally about office stuff. taxes. speech bubble font in times new roman. haha.

prince of cake. said...

unfortunately, i know very little about office stuff. and tax.