Monday, February 25, 2008


for those of you who dont know jt steiny, he was one of my instructors back at otis. now we send mindless snail mail to each other on a regular-ish basis. usually it is a very straightforward process: find something mailable, draw/paint on it, mail it. sometimes i send something decent. sometimes i send something really lame. and sometimes, i somehow make myself laugh.

you should mail him stuff too. he will probably mail you something back. his address is on his WEBSITE!! actually, i dont know if he will approve of such promotion. oh well. whatever.


Anonymous said...


DS has painting program you can download here's the instuction-

Have fun!!


prince of cake. said...

thanks! i checked the R4 thing out and it's currently out of stock. i cant wait till i get my hands on it though.