Tuesday, February 12, 2008

toaster oven.

a new tarot card? INCONCEIVABLE!! (apparently also the name of a medical drama)

did you think i forgot? well... i did. then i remembered again. ha ha! here it is.

i've also recently noticed that i actually work pretty big, and when i post things online, a lot of detail is missed. to compensate, i cropped a part of my image at a bigger size for a better look. i might decide to do the same for the previous tarot cards too, because there is more detail in those than this one.

on two relatively unrelated notes, i've been watching firefly, and dread the moment the last episode will end (for me). i also want a toaster oven.


Samanthers said...

Firefly...it sounds like Mia has gotten to you :D It's a great series, and it's a shame it didn't go on longer...


Also, I want a toaster oven too. Though really, when I think about it, I can't decide what else it really does besides make toast. Pizzas, maybe?

prince of cake. said...

you can make mystery pastry! just get bread and put random stuff on it and put it in the toaster oven. maybe you'll get something delicious! maybe you'll get poison!