Saturday, February 23, 2008

Whatever: Part 1

ok, sorry for not posting yesterday. a number of things going on.

however, to make up for things, what i have here for you today is a little lengthier than my usual posts. it's a short comic. or part of it, for now. i believe it deserves a little explanation.

i was looking through some of my older work during the good old otis days and one of the things i looked through was part of a storyboard i worked on with a number of friends of mine (something about rome and the future and time travel or something. complicated). if you were one of them, you might notice slight familiarities to that storyboard in the comic (like augustus. lol). that is because i was planning on redrawing a part of the storyboard for portfolio purposes. unfortunately (or fortunately), i got a little carried away and started to stray. eventually i ended up with this.

and there you have it. btw, know that this is a draft version (i hope the crappy pencil drawings were an obvious enough sign of this) and there are a lot of missing panels, crappy dialogue, and awkward spaces. and yes, they are throwing pies. don't know why.

enjoy the first half. the other half later.


Monica Grue said...

oh shiat! memories. dude i was just cleaning out papers from underneath my bed and found that folded paper you used to carry around that said "ALL THE STUFF" and had all the storyboards in it. good days.

prince of cake. said...

hahah i remember having that "folder". hope you are putting it into good use. if you threw it away, that's fine too.

was at otis the other day distracting the shit out of wade. where were you?

Monica Grue said...

what day was it?

prince of cake. said...

it was a friday. wade was doing some life drawing/painting with nathan and co. missed out man.