Friday, February 29, 2008


seriously, i have no idea.

i downloaded the trial version of painterX on my computer. ive got 30 days to try the sh1t out of the software before it decides we arent meant to be. i wanted to try it because of all the cool things ive seen done on painter. first things first. for those of you who understand what im talking about, i only really wanted to try painter for the oil paint effect. i really like the way it all blends together when done really sketchily (didnt realize "sketchily" is a real word). unfortunately, i suck at it. i should already know this as ive tried real oil paints back in sophomore year of college, but i guess i thought i might have somehow improved, even though i havent touched the stuff since.

maybe i DO believe in magic. hm...

anyway, as you can see, i had no idea what i was doing. i was so confused, i couldnt even figure out what to paint. i just... painted. after about an hour of painting bull crap, my computer starts to get really worn out. if my brush size exceeds the default size of 20, everything starts to lag, and i start to get worried (i fear the pinwheel of death). about 2-3 hours of messing around later (not all in the same file, mind you), i finally decided to save something. and what do i get after 2-3 hours of messing about? bingo. seriously, wtf?

well, whatever. ive got 29 days left to flirt around with painterX before it dumps me *sniff* (technically 27 more days. i didnt try it until 3 days after i downloaded it. playing hard to get? word play is stupid). hopefully, i wont get anymore bingo.


Mia said...

prince of cake? I dub thee "the Disclaimer King." :P

Oh, and there's something wrong with my flash player, so no happy banking for me :(

"Slacker" is my middle name (that gives me about 4 names and a last name).

prince of cake. said...

disclaimer king? i would disagree if it wasnt so true.

it is a shame that you will not experience the happy banking. you would have definitely enjoyed it.