Friday, March 7, 2008

love a duck.

i was flipping through some of my old sketchbooks the other day and found a weird little doodle similar to the blue one in the middle. feeling kinda cheeky or whatever, i thought id paint it. it looked kinda cool anyway. at the laundromat, i doodled out the drawing i was to paint. i like my drawings smelling fresh and clean. after the first one, i felt like she needed some kind of entourage. so i gave her some followers. each one is a seperate painting. i dont know what im going to do with these. maybe i'll try to sell them.

the end.


Anonymous said...

dude, you went prudish on the green hands! compared the 'cheekiness' of the other two, i'd say ol' green-hands didn't go far enough.

just one dude's opinion.

it's 'J.Time' btw. just forgot how to log in.

Michael said...

oo kool. comments appear in a new tiny window now lol..

Monica Grue said...

i can only imagine what it would be like if that became a real fashion trend ...

prince of cake. said...

aww come on. the green hands arent THAT prudish, are they? however, they do look like they could be a little lower... a bit late for that tho.

it would be awesome if ANYTHING of mine somehow became some kind of crazy trend.

and yeah, i like the new little comment windows too.