Sunday, April 27, 2008


screw fahrenheit. ive been living in LA for 4 years now and i still dont get it. it's celsius all the way for me. anyway, that was supposedly the temperature today (felt hotter), the perfect weather *cough-sarcasm-choke* for going to a renaissance faire (as they spell it there) dressed as a pirate in air jordans (pirates need hang time too, i guess). i believe it was my first experience in a carnival-ish thing, and other than the unbelieveable heat, it was incredibly enjoyable. ok, so the decent amount of rum beforehand (to fit the character better) may have swayed my judgment a tad, but it is still definitely worth the visit. plus i got in for free thanks to bilz's gf (thank you). i dont have pictures of the experience, but i do have one picture...

this is wolverine t wolf. it's wolverine because wolverine is a name i can actually remember. it was named tobias or theodor or whatever before, but as you can see, i cant remember too well (not so much the alcohol as it is my crappy name remembering abilities). anyway, for some reason (long story), i felt it necessary to purchase something wolf-related during the event, and it just so happens wolverine here is the only thing i can afford with my meager amount of money (spent most of it on meat and beer).

although there are plenty more things to note about the whole experience (swords, jesters, corsets, etc), im too dehydrated right now to go on much more about them.

alas, this wouldnt be a post without some artwork, so here is a small painting i did because i really liked the size of the wood.

for some reason, i like this a lot, so im gonna price it at something ridiculous and hope it doesnt sell.



Ashley said...

You = Welcome. Glad you had fun :)

Veronica said...


You can't sell this painting to anyone but me...because I'm super queer and love uniponies.

Seriously, I know where your family lives.

Take that into consideration.

prince of cake. said...

oh. well veronica... it's sitting in the hive gallery now so err... help yourself? :S

please dont hurt my family. they might bug me about that.