Saturday, April 19, 2008

default samurai.

felt like doing a doodle i can use pen and ink with, so i drew a samurai/undead dude. i feel like drawing samurais is some sort of default i have when i dont know what to draw in particular.

this is one of the very few things ive used watercolors with. the paper kinda wrinkled pretty severely and i cant seem to get rid of it during the scanning process. oh well. it does look kinda neat. i feel like it turned out pretty good for a doodle *smile*.

anyway, you may or may not have noticed the different looking chop thing on the bottom. it's not a real chop, just photoshop, but i am getting one made (next time im in hong kong). im still figuring out how it's going to actually look so this is like a test. it says "cake prince". i dont think i can write "prince of cake" specifically, and if i could, i doubt it'd fit in a tiny square. man, i dont remember the last time i really used chinese...


Anonymous said...

lol did you forget how to write one of the characters? is that why CAKE is written so big or are you going to leave it like that?

it's justin btw.

prince of cake. said...

you mean 蛋? well, it actually never occured to me to put 4 words in there. i dont know why. i will try it too.