Friday, April 4, 2008


here it is.

after an incident of frustrating craziness concerning the whiteness of this painting, i have decided to stay clear of clean white backgrounds for some time. i believe i went through a similar thing with my senior thesis work back at otis, but kinda forgot and let it happen all over again.

but never again! never again will i be convincing myself that the background is not "white enough" when everyone else seems to see nothing but white. but i KNOW it's not white! every speck of dust, every bit of discoloration, i see it all!! and it is my duty to fix it! dont tell me im seeing things! i know what i see!! and one of these days, you will all see!!.. im not insane, you're insane!!


the show featuring this painting, overshadowed by many other amazing paintings, is happening tmr at the hive gallery (the address and all that should be on the site). it is a BIG show, in my opinion, with a lot of cool stuff to see (hopefully). hopefully? but i just gave my opinion. am i giving an opinion based on nothing? not really, but sort of. god i could go on for much longer about this, but im kinda tired right now. im not sure why. i also feel like i talk too much sometimes. so instead, look at this.

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