Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"stop! stop or i'll stop you!"

something new i found out yesterday, speed racer (the tv show) is quite therapeutic to listen to when working. i know for some people, watching something makes working difficult, but since most of the entertainment value of speed racer comes from the ridiculous voice acting and script, i wasnt so much watching as i was just listening. think of it as a crazy radio show about a bunch of unstable people making accidentally orgasmic sounds and ignoring punctuation (as well as logic).

me want watch speed racer movie. to all those people who know more stuff than me, i am aware that the movie will probably not include the same genius as i mentioned above (i guess movies have to make at least some kind of sense), but it's still cinnamon crapping speed racer! (on a seperate note, i dont know why i refuse to swear properly on my blog. i doubt children read this stuff. and it's not like i havent swore at children before) (on a different seperate note, i dont know what cinnamon crapping is, and id rather not go into it)

anyhoozle... i is drawered speed racer.


Samanthers said...

HOLY SHIT DUDE. I love that. I love that soooo much.

Have you ever seen the parody short of Speed Racer called Fast Driver? Awesome possum!

Can I request a print of this or something? Pleaaase? I will buy you more STEAMY BUNS. MMMHMMM!!

prince of cake. said...

haha i wanted to do a parady too, but i guess i was beat to the punch. maybe i'll still make one anyway. OH!!

sure i can get you a print. that is if you know where i can get prints made. plus i like steamy buns.

Samanthers said...

I love how Chim-Chim is "Monkey-Monkey"

I don't know, Kinkos or something? OOOTTTIIISSSS?

Steamy buns, just for you.

Thomas Yamaoka said...

how much are you selling this shirt!