Friday, August 8, 2008


it was really freakin' hot the other day, so i bought an icee. then i got really bored and drew this.


though, now that i look at it, ive decided to change it. excellent. this will serve as a fine example of how i waste away the hours doing things i eventually decide is baloney.

i just got a different idea which i currently like better (we'll see how long that feeling lasts). i will have the other version posted later. who knows, by then, i might hate it just as much. this is what we call the "creative process", i like to tell myself.


Anonymous said...

ey dude, nice to see work up again. finally.

i like the silly monster SWAT. do a comic with them. or crossover your universe with salt and pepper shakers!

anyway, you can probably guess who this is. think silly dc universe characters.

prince of cake. said...

oh yeah... i totally forgot about salt and pepper. haha. is it really that hard to just put your name in? are you trying to hide your identity? are you... batman??