Thursday, October 9, 2008


the days have been busier lately (relatively speaking anyway) and time for randomness seems to be rather out of reach. the small wall offer at the hive gallery i mentioned a couple of posts ago has gone through (woo! thanks nathan) and now i have to prepare a show for march. also, about a week ago the alphacult gallery informed me (and many others) that they are looking for paintings this coming friday with a distinct wood theme. in case you arent aware, a week is kinda short notice, so ive been pretty busy with that. i was also recently reminded that i have offered to do paintings for some of my friends' shows coming up soon. so pile that up with the monthly paintings that i still plan on doing for the hive, that's a lot of painting to do. well, for me anyway. i know comparatively speaking, my amount of work is nothing to others, but it's not my fault i enjoy my simple lifestyle.

anyway, onwards to the painting.

really, the logic behind it escapes me. all i know is i find it rather alluring. this is one of a pair for the alphacult show coming up. yes, there will be two ladies with lasers coming out of their eyeballs. curiouser and curiouser...

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