Tuesday, October 28, 2008

sillytown is in peril!

impeachment of mayor sillytown.

ive realized that the blue that i use is very difficult to scan, and as a result, all the other colors are off. which is a problem, because i like using that blue. ive also noticed an increase in the usage of the color pink. my 7 year old self would hate me. my 14 year old self would call me a fag. it would also be safe to assume that on occasion, my current self would do the same thing. i would try to explain that it looks good with the blue, and that it is childish and rude to speak of homosexuality in such a derogatory manner, but there is no arguing with these people. so immature. sigh.

oh yeah, the impeachment of mayor sillytown will be available at the hive this coming saturday (1st of november, right after halloween), so dont miss it! k bye.


Ashley said...

Not gonna lie... at first glance it kinda looked like a DIY Cesarean. Just saying. Who knew that involuntary impeachment would be so messy?

Anonymous said...

why is she straddling a sword? that's not good for the sword. or your genital regions in general.

prince of cake. said...

aw come on. is it really that difficult to see that she is not ACTUALLY humping the sword?