Thursday, December 25, 2008


before i begin, i hope everyone had an enjoyable christmas filled with gifts that might make you question whether these people called "family" know you at all. kidding of course (JK LOL). well, sorta kidding anyway.

i dont really have anything interesting to update with at the moment as i am experiencing a few technical difficulties, but when i finally get things together, i will be happy to show you some rather what-the-fuck-ish presents i received this year.

but regardless of the wacky gifts, i enjoyed my christmas quite thoroughly and i hope it was somewhat the same for the rest of you.

um... yeah. that's all i got for now. go away.

oh yeah, the new wazard comic will be up asap, i promise.

oh and one more thing, ive got these delicious cookies with some wisdom to share:

Wish to be at the time of enjoying the delicacy,
you own the health,
our loyal prays for you... ...

that's right, own that health. you pig.

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