Thursday, February 5, 2009

wtf is a sparkly vampire?

a question that had plagued me since i was questioned as to whether i was a sparkly vampire or not. i was questioned by a random internet ad that suggested i take a short quiz to ascertain (fancy words woo) the truth about whether i was a sparkly vampire or merely sparkly, a vampire, or neither. youve probably guessed that this ad is somehow connected to the recent film "twilight", and you would be right. did i watch the film? no. do i want to? mmm... no.

needless to say, i took this "quiz" (if you could call it that). why? because i needed to know, what exactly does being a sparkly vampire entail? so, i answered a number of ridikolous questions, most of which questioned my stand on compassion, love, my preference in vampire-ness or whatever, and maybe responsibility. very straightforward and forgettable questions (as i have forgotten most of them already), the kind you would find teenagers asking amongst themselves, whether they drink tomato juice through plastic fangs or not. as i finished, the quiz requested that i give them my email address so they can deliver my answer to me personally (thoughtful). so am i a sparkly vampire? i have no idea. never gave them my email address.

unsatisfied (and feeling slightly cheated), i made it my personal mission to find out what a sparkly vampire is. i decided the best course of action would be to go to the one place that knows just about everything about anything that has no relevance to anything; wikipedia. and yet to my surprise, wiki knew nothing of the sort. next best thing? google search.

and bingo. are you ready? a sparkly vampire is literally a vampire that sparkles. are you shitting me? no, you are not (i am in your mind. off topic). a bit mundane, though i cant say im disappointed since i wasnt really looking for anything to begin with. mission accomplished (in retrospect, probably too easy to really call a mission).

and that was that.

so, why did i tell you this story? well, this whole sparkly vampire business is the perfect example of my inability to concentrate on what matters, like finding jobs, getting work done, and updating this blog (apparently that matters). so what better way to return to my blog then to express my disability (what most people refer to as procrastination) in the form of a longwinded and unnecessary story about something relatively useless (unless you plan on chatting with a bunch of teenagers anytime soon. though even then, reading this would help you very little).

thank me for wasting your time on the way out :D


Thomas Yamaoka said...

lol freaking arthur

Whitney Pollett said...

Arthur, your blog/mindless rants are the MOST thank you.

prince of cake. said...

lol you are welcome.