Wednesday, June 10, 2009

digital devil.

just finished this painting a few days ago. it was meant to be for the hive show this month, but the painting turned out a little trickier than i had initially imagined, so it never made it to the show.

it's a little hard to tell with photographs (especially my crappy phone shots), but i have recently been uping the scale of my paintings. i never realized it, but it is much more interesting to paint big. now i know this painting isnt massive (i believe it is 12 x 12". still having trouble guesstimating inches. id say about 30cm), but it's much bigger than my earlier painting days of 6 x 6"s. what i havent quite figured yet however is how long these paintings take to complete. eventually...

so anyway, i'll probably end up submitting this one for next month's hive show, so check it out if you can. BAM.


mikes said...

just out of curiousity, what kind of people are you aiming to sell your paintings to?

mr arthur said...

whoever feels like buying i guess. usually i just paint what i feel like would be fun to paint.