Friday, August 14, 2009


so today i got to see the results of the t-rex shirt prints, and i am actually quite surprised as to how it turned out. there is apparently a way of printing on shirts that i had never heard of before. it is a kind of digital printing, but not quite like they do on t-shirts.

let me show you some pictures.

now, try to ignore the fact that my bed sheet involves really tacky looking pink flowers. blame my mother. this is the back of the shirt. the picture is a bit blurry, i know. what i didnt know is that the entire shirt's colors are all printed on there. when i say this i mean, the fabric was completely white, and ALL the colors are printed directly onto there. the sleeves and everything. pretty crazy, yeah? i had never heard of such a thing. anyway, let's have a closer look.

what's even more impressive though is that even after printing, there are no signs of any kind of print job at all. i mean, this shirt is breathable, meaning it's made to circulate air, for less smelliness from sweat or whatever. and even after the print, there is no sign of blockage. i was like. "wow. i am so impressed". yes, i didnt sound very enthusiastic, but know deep down that i meant it.

here is the front. the person i had print the stuff says that their specialty is how well they manage to line up artwork at the seams. if you look closely, the image is cut in the middle by a zipper., but even then, it's lined up quite perfectly. are you not amazed?? i am. i marvel at the future. WAHHH. the future. it is marvelous!

anyway, that is that. now for something completely different. check out my cool ken soup spoon!

mmm... tomato soup. it's like blood. not really. maybe in cartoons.


Ashley said...

Yah, Disney uses a similar printing technique for a lot of the "Creative Costuming" pieces. Is pretty cool.

Thomas Yamaoka said...

KEN SOUP SPOON!!! Super Awesome beyond words...