Sunday, September 6, 2009

two is company.

i read somewhere that the secret to a good comic strip is to have at least two well established characters. some good examples are calvin and hobbes, gabe and tycho, garfield and... that idiot guy, or even snoopy and the peanuts gang. the benefit of having at least two identifiable characters is not only the familiarity, but it allows the writer to simply draw comics about the characters discussing amongst themselves. with regular updates, it's very difficult to always have something interesting and different come up. having discussions makes it that much easier.

monster candy does not have two identifiable characters. im not even sure if it has even one. the stick figure guy might be one, but he doesnt even have a name. and sometimes he represents me. so confusing! and more importantly, OMG I CAN NEVER THINK OF COMICS SO HARDDD!!!!! :((((

SO. unwilling to constantly resort to fart jokes (which i think ive only done twice) ive decided to create at least two decently established characters. this comic was supposed to be an attempt. but it failed as soon as i started drawing the comic. sometimes i just cant help drawing comics that make no sense. mental problem? ADD? stupidity? im putting money on stupidity, with a dash of retard sauce.

time for round two? maybe next comic.


Cafe Pasadena said...

I like this, Sir Arthur!

mr arthur said...

why thank you... umm... mr (?) cafe pasadena.

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