Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a long time ago.

i cant say i remember how long ago, but it was some while back. a friend of mine, i guess you could say, commissioned me to paint something on his sketchbook cover. i did so, and was compensated with... lunch or something. i cant remember. so i asked him to take a picture of it for me, like, a millions years ago. and now, it is here. old stuff. or at least old enough for me to feel like i could do a much better job at it today (lol, sorry friend).

anyway, updates! well, WAZARD will have to wait till tmr. but i do have some painting updates for you. later. HAR. cant use up all my updating material in one go. that would be uneconomical. economics. so manly. like these new wheaties FUEL cereal i clearly did not buy but is obviously leaning on my microwave. with whosehisface on the cover. staring. judging you.

the breakfast of champions. eat it.


J. Time said...

That sketchbook's really neat, man!! Is it for sale? I totally want to get one!

mr arthur said...

yeah! sure you can buy it... from YOURSELF! seriously why are you my friend? you are so unfunny D: