Friday, March 12, 2010

homework, anyone?

first of all, thanks to all those who came to the show last week! it was a good night. started off a little rocky with the rain and all, but eventually met a good number of random people, gave out a whole bunch of pins, so not bad. i also did a painting of the alice in wonderland themed show at the hive as well, and i wish i could post a picture of it to show you guys, but i kind of forgot to take a picture of it... :(

anyway, since then, im somehow still somewhat busy. i dont remember if i mentioned or not, but i am currently taking classes at the concept design academy over in pasadena for about a month or so now and going to each class and trying to keep up with the assignments doesnt leave me a lot of energy to do much else.

so instead of showing nothing, i figured i'd give you guys a glimpse of what ive been up to at the concept design academy. first up, Story Development for Animation.

these are some early sketches of some characters for a story im working on that i think i will try to complete (at least in a portfolio kind of way) about breakfast. there's the nerdy and kind of arrogant writer lady with the laptop, confident and somewhat aloof freelance artist (lol), and the happy little old cafe owner/chef who is also a secret ninja. i'll try to keep posting about this one because i think i quite like where it is going. the class itself however has a lot more to do with storyboarding and idea coming-upping. there's probably a better word for that. i would post storyboards, but they tend to be long...

next is Digital Illustration!

im really just posting this because i find it somewhat cute in an eery kind of way (anyone watch "the thing"?). the class aesthetic is nothing like this at all.

Character Design!

so far i feel like ive learned the most and spent the most time (relatively speaking) on this class. our first assignments involved creating animal characters (putting it simply). i would go deeper into it, but im getting tired of typing and should really be working right now anyway.

and lastly, Cinematic Storyboard.

wtf? sokka? married? with a bow tie?? wtf??? anyway, this class is predominantly a lecture class. lots and lots of notes. the assignments usually involve us getting a random script (usually related to the lecture) and having to board it with the avatar character sheets. simple, but really not much to show. wont go too in-depth into that.

so there you have it, a taste of things i am doing when im not updating wazard (soon! i promise!). if there is anyone who is actually interested in taking classes at the concept design academy, or just wants to know about them, please feel free to ask, i will give you a better description of them if you'd like. although i am only halfway through my course, fyi. ok, back to work.


TheSovietChairman said...

I'm uber jealous of your talent...

The Ivanator said...

how's the digital illustration class?

Debz said...

Your blog is ace :)and your drawings are cool too!

Rebekah said...

What a wonderfull blog! I stumbled upon it from my blog ( and am now a follower. Can't wait for your next post!

Liz said...

i stumbled on this as well! and i absolutely LOVE your artwork. i wish i could draw like you.
i love the story about the old cafe owner/ninja. its like the stories i used to imagine. except that your drawings are amazing!

mr arthur said...

thanks guys! i'll try to update more often, especially regarding the cafe ninja breakfast etc thing :D

ivan, in regards to the digital illustration class, in all honesty, the class isnt that great. there are tips and tricks to learn, and the guy knows his stuff, but it isnt so much painting as it is picture montage-ing. he is more about teaching you to create images quickly, but once you get the general idea, all the other demos seem somewhat repetitive. the class might be more worthwhile if you get more of the assignments done, but from what i can tell, the critiques are pretty straight forward as well (although im not one to judge since i havent had much chance to do most of the work for that class). i hope that helps :)

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mr arthur said...

um... it's okay. thanks for considering me though :)

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