Tuesday, April 20, 2010


my classes have recently ended and with all this newfound free time at my disposal, i feel the need to waste it.

just the other day my comic book buddy (the guy i leech comic books off of) reminded me of a comic book idea we had years ago back in high school. it was a silly idea, not fully thought out and wasnt really given the effort to fully execute (not unlike every other comic book idea we had back then). from what i can recall, it was a story about some schmuck working behind cubicle walls, hating every second of it. he was so tired of his life, and all the things that go on around him, that he promises himself to do the next crazy thing that comes to mind. and just as he makes his promise, some crazy red haired chick busts into the office block, pistols a-blazing, chased by men in black and whatnot. as the woman runs through the cubicles, she makes eye contact with the loser guy, and winks at him. at that very moment, the guy thinks to himself, "i want to follow this woman". and just like that, the guy finds himself knee deep in some crazy ass shit (poop of the crazies, as i like to pretend i call it), such as being shot at and jumping off skyscrapers. the woman is on a mission, and her mission is to live life outside of the norm and to the fullest... or something, but that's about as far as the actual planned out events go. the rest of the idea were loose thoughts and a lot of maybes. and then it went nowhere.

but the reason why my friend brought this up is because acclaimed comic book writer brian michael bendis has a new comic coming out called "scarlet" which in a very vague way, is the same idea as our shitty ass comic concept. what's more, the main character is a red haired chick with guns. i dont honestly think that our concept was anywhere near what this guy probably has in store for his comic, but it was similar enough to make me think back, which reminded me that i actually have the designs somewhere here in LA.

after some digging, i find the crappiest drawings ever. i want to burn them, but such is the way of a developing drawing person...


... and it's around here that i start to notice, this post is getting rather lengthly. so im gonna cut it off here. im sure you guys dont actually read all this garbage anyway. long story short, i felt obliged to redraw our red haired main character, whom we never named. so... boobies.

yes, her hair looks more pink than red. bite me. she's also a little crazier looking than we had originally designed her to be. whatever.

it was fun to draw. and now it's 6:30 in the morning, and the birds outside are chirping like little noisy laser beams. i should go to bed.


Johnny Madrid aka Tim E. said...

Amazing work. That's it nothing further to add. You rock.

J. Time said...

The 'blush' is a clever touch! somehow she reminds me of V as in for Vendetta.

Marmax said...

This is a really interesting looking character. You should play around with the concept more...or at least just the character.

mr arthur said...

johnny: thanks man. appreciate it.

jtime: typing jtime out is so stupid, since i know who you are. but i can see the V thing. probably because she's so pale.

marmax: i would play around with her more, but i dont really have a lot of ideas going around at the moment. i'll be keeping her in my backup character files. which i keep. in my pants. not really.

Whitney Pollett said...

Boobies!! HAhahah I like her.
And I read your "garbage". I like garbage.