Wednesday, October 13, 2010

business lunch.

about a month ago (cant believe it's been about a month already) i had been trying to update on facebook, on a once a week basis (lunch time. if im going to be specific for no reason), a little something i call "business cat". i dont know why i decided to just post it on facebook and not here on my blog. question for the gods, that is. im sure jesus or... zeus(?) would know. those mind reading/manipulating fiends, them gods (im going to hell... maybe? depends on the gods' sense of humor).

what is business cat, you ask? he's a cat. with a tie. he's a business man (cat) so dont mess with him. all business that business cat.

anyway, here are the first 3 i put up on facebook. i dont have all of them with me as of this very moment, but there have only been 5... and a new one today (gasp!). i'll post the new one here today FIRST. because i love you. you... 1 person that still checks my blog (thanks mum).

and here's the new one, seeing it here early by like... 2 hours. BONUS!

bonus is a strange word.


Monica Grue said...

Where's business cat rethinks lunch partner? :)

mr arthur said...

it took some faffing about, but it is finally up :)