Sunday, October 31, 2010


guess what?? lassie fell down a well??? wait, what?

ENOUGH talking to myself. today i have an important announcement to make. i am SELLING MY PAINTINGS. yes, i know. i have been selling my paintings from the very beginning, but this time it's not a gallery show. this time i am selling all the painting i have sitting around in my apartment! ZOMG.

that's right, i have too much stuff! i need to get rid of it so i can move to a smaller place! ASSIST ME! also, CHECK IT!

that's right folks, any of these 30+ paintings can be yours! how, you ask? why, via SILENT AUCTION of course! here's how this will go down, muchachos and.. mu.. muchachas?

on tuesday november 2nd at around noon i will be posting pictures of all the paintings here on my blog (and facebook if you're on my facebook list). each painting will have a starting price of around $50 or less. then i will ask you to email me (or message me on facebook) your bid. the auction will remain open until the end of the week (saturday november 6th, also noon). when it closes, i will tally up all the bids and basically, the highest bidder will get the painting. simple! there will be more details on the day of opening, but that's pretty much the gist of it. thought id give you guys a heads up. and dont think your money will go to waste! i need a refrigerator! i will no longer be able to use my roommate's and the place i am moving to does not provide one :( so yes, you will be helping me stay alive. and also be helping me save space. DOUBLE VICTORY!

stay tuned kids. some fun stuff is coming up soon!


Mesh said...

Noon in what time zone?!

mr arthur said...

US pacific time. i'll get to the details in just a bit.