Sunday, October 3, 2010

thanks for the coffee.

dicks. ok so only one update this week. and talk about last minute. technically it's still sunday here in LA. and it's still 10:14pm (right at the ass end of the next iron chef series premier. because i like to watch random people cook things i will never eat).

anyway, i spent the last couple of hours just doodling people. it's quite fun, actually. here are the results.

but seriously, sorry about the lack of updates. you can blame it on chuck greene. BEHOLD.

look at that face. never happy about anything. except when he's lookin at tits, i suppose. dead rising 2 is the game that mr greene resides in and i pretty much spent the entire weekend killing zombies and saving lives. and starring at tits. and also kenny rogers is sorta in the game. play it. you'll see. watch him though. he's a tricky one, that kenny rogers.


Monica Grue said...

Cool little characters :)

mr arthur said...

many franks, mon. ica. monica. monican. from monicana.