Sunday, February 27, 2011

haha... yes.

so some of you might be wondering, where's the update, buddy? what happened to the everyday-ish thing? well, as i prophesied, my recent purchase of a ps3 has greatly effected my ability to do things that arent ps3 related. it pains me to leave my games unfinished, my imaginary quests incomplete. there have been numerous times where even eating seemed like more trouble than it was worth. long story short, i have a problem.

i wouldnt quite call it addiction, though i have to admit it's pretty close. this kind of thing happens to me quite easily, and it tends not to discriminate when it comes to what it is i cant keep my hands off of. a good example is when i actually get down to work, i cant stop. i feel a need to finish it. i dont know what it is exactly, but it isnt uncommon. i can almost consider it a double edged sword kind of deal, except i find myself applying it to useless things like videogames more often than anything else. at least i have the sense to keep away from world of warcraft... but believe me, i have come close to playing it many times.

but that's all besides the point. the point is, i've stopped updating again, and thus have failed both my followers and myself. shame. tomorrow (which is minutes away) will hopefully fare better.

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