Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ICE to see you!

sub zero is my favorite... now i gotta get to work.


Nancin8R said...

Woooaah, Chinese Ninja Warrior
With your heart so cold
Sub Zero
Woooaah, your life is a mystery
Warrior with a mask
Sub Zero

Freeeeeeezing vibraaaaations!

mr arthur said...

lol. that song is awesome.

mikes said...

i didnt know until recently there were 2 subzeros.. i spent yesterday reading up mortal kombat wikia, theres a surprising amount of background story.

mr arthur said...

yeah. the first subzero was framed for something (forgot) and killed by scorpion. his brother, the next subzero, wishes to avenge his brother's death and take scorpion's life (or afterlife. since he's technically dead). also, the first subzero becomes some kind of dark zombie/shadow ninja, noob saibot.