Saturday, February 19, 2011

sad cloud is sad.

so i finally got myself a PS3 :O i dont have any games yet, but i checked out what they had available to download, and lo and behold, FINAL FANTASY 7. it has been more than a decade since i last played this game. i probably played through it about 5 or 6 times. and i remember almost none of it. lol. i have terrible memory. so i am really excited about playing it. will it hold up to my expectations (practically zero at this point) or will it crumble in it's oldness? is cloud really as emo as i believe him to be? or have i dramatized it over time? we will see. we will ALL SEE!!!


Kubacki said...

haha that is perfect!

Luigi said...

get uncharted 2!!!

play multiplayer with me!!

funny cloud drawing yo!

mr arthur said...


luigi: I WILL DAMMIT. and i will KICK YOUR ASS AT IT. haha.. ha... probably not.

mikes said...

is that kentucky fried chocobo?

mr arthur said...

i dunno. depends on what keanu is eating in his picture. im assuming it's frozen yogurt or something.