Sunday, February 6, 2011

what happen?

hello. happy new year! just in time for chinese new year! yes. i have been missing for quite a long time. i am sorry. please forgive me. something that i have also noticed is my ability to write concisely (or just plain well) has greatly diminished. i am quite disappointed in myself. i have awarded myself the seal of shamefully crappy writing. it is a seal i will wear with great shame (as is the point). in any case, in an attempt to not ramble for too long (my greatest talent), i am just plain old sorry for my absence.

now, as the two things tend to go hand in hand, ignoring my blog also means i havent been doing a lot of drawing. other than the occasional doodle, i really havent been drawing recreationally for some time. i can blame some of it on work, but a lot of the blame goes to me. however, here i have with me is my first official drawing of the new year! what is it? is it a space ship? is it a lightning bolt? is it captain lightning bolt?? (who is that?) NO! why it's SAILOR MOON!! obviously!

just in time for the lunar new year. LOL! (i planned this. yes). it's kind of a different interpretation of sailor moon (more sailor, less school girl), but this (unfinished) drawing is part of a deal i made with a friend a looong ago (like, 3 months?) for trading artwork. it wanted something of hers, so i needed something to give back in return. such is the way of the samurai. her request was good ol' sailor moon (a fine choice), which i was actually quite excited to draw, but as you are all well aware of now, i did no such thing. so yes. very soon she will be done, and hopefully she will be good enough for my friend to part with her drawing.


Luigi said...

Woo sailor moon!

What's your friend gonna draw for you?

mr arthur said...

she has already drawn it. it is a water color of a girl and some wolves. i must have it. so says the law.

Winny! said...

Oh my gosh. Arthur, I have never been more excited about anything, ever.

My watercolor looks like crap and of course I'll give it to you but this is so cool, I'm going to have to do so much more in order to feel good about this trade... such is the way of the sailor scout. Mahahah I am a

I <3 YOU forEVER!!!!

Winny! said...

Oh... I see I'm logged in under my secret blog account!