Tuesday, March 8, 2011

fruits for your face.

sorry. my job has been going into overtime (including saturdays) for a few weeks now, only exception being the week of presidents' day. so doing drawings is hard. i get home, i watch some tv/play some games, and im sleepy. so the zelda drawing will have to wait. it takes too long and i have nothing to show for it. so here, instead, i have some fruits! FROOTS!! did you know eggplants are fruits? I DID.

it's simple! it's stupid! and hopefully, it's better than nothing.


Johnny Madrid aka Tim E. said...

Indeed, it's better than nothing. Infact, it's better than most things other people draw hehehe (me included). I love angry tomato.

mr arthur said...

lol, thanks man. the tomato's frown is a frown of approval.

Monica Grue said...

Lol. Yay! The yellow fruit expresses me. (Grapefruit?)