Wednesday, May 25, 2011

wonky priorities.

im pretty terrible at setting priorities, especially when it comes to my own personal projects. one minute i'll be planning up an update for my website, then i'll be working on making a flash adventure game, then i start drawing characters i wanted to create for a game concept or a comic, THEN i'll want to make a short cartoon, and now i have 4 big projects running through my skull mush and im completely incapable of completing a single one of them. im gonna have to pick one of these projects and stick to it. it's kinda annoying that i think of crazy ideas faster than i can create them, but i'll just have to learn to refrain from being quite so unmanageable. i'll probably announce what project ive decided to stick with in a week or so, but here's a sketch of the characters i was dreaming up for the game concept/comic i was talking about.

the idea was basically, what if final fantasy was not about crazy teenagers with super sexy magic powers saving the world, but a squad of average-ish people with practical-ish skills saving the world. you know, putting some human back into the characters. because if you've been following final fantasy of late, the characters seem to be more and more detached from reality. the comic part would be a short story that involves all the characters and lets each of them shine at least a little bit, and that would be that. i think the squad is missing one more character (one that acts as a main protagonist of sorts), but im gonna hold off on doing that until i can figure out what project to prioritize on.

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