Wednesday, October 10, 2007


once again, i have updated my website. now you will find almost everything in the gallery working (other than the flash stuff. i'm having trouble figuring out the kinks).

i have added 2 new digital paintings i did about 3 months ago. i was originally planning on showing them only when i had more of them done (they are meant to be a collection. technically there are 20 more to go), but whatever.

there will still be more, but it will take some time.


Monica Grue said...

those are pretty dope. what is the collection about?

prince of cake. said...

thanks. it's not really about anything. i just really wanted to make my own set of tarot cards.

Jeremy said...

pretty awesome art, art. i like the fact that the devil had ear muffs. what other tarot cards are going to be in the collection?