Monday, October 8, 2007

web update! and more, i guess...

guess what? my site is updated! not much, just a new interactive menu. it's kinda fun i suppose. here's a sample.

kinda lame that blogger doesn't let me put up flash files. oh well. to see the whole thing, check out my website:

anyway, the other thing i was going to talk about is i'm going to start something a little fun and kinda silly. from now on, friday shall now be known as "animal friday". what the crap am i talking about? i'll tell you. from this week on, i will post a new drawing of an animal every friday. what these animals will look like, be doing, or whatever else, will be completely up to me. it just has to have an animal in it. sounds fun, yeah? i think it'll be fun. totally stole the idea off someone else. haha. whatever.



Hey Arthur!
How are you doing? good to hear from you-looking forward to see some artwork on here!

Monica Grue said...

Fo shoz I got a blog.... feel free to leave random comments anytime. lets see some art, art! haha. bet you've never heard that one.