Thursday, October 4, 2007

kicks things off.

alright!! YEAH!! getting pumped up!! i was up till 4am yesterday trying to figure this stuff out, and now that it's noon and i'm finally wide awake, it's time to get down to business!!

first project i'm going to announce is part of a group show. the theme is "holiday cards". it's going to be a christmas show. no real specifications, just that i can come up with up to 3 cards. nice. the due date is november 18th, which is plenty of time really, but i should get to work right away.

so this is what i'm going to do. i'm going to try to do 3 cards. every week from this very day, i'm going to try and have 1 card done [that means first card is scheduled for october 11. in case you couldn't figure that out]. 1 week, you say? not enough time, you say? ha! we will see about that!

during this time, i'm also going to be working on my website. i need to get the gallery working as soon as possible, but i need to read up on my html programming a little bit first. this is the first time i've ever really used it.

so there we go! task number 1 is ready for action!!! ZING!!!


Catch said...

We expect to see remnants of your soul ALL OVER THIS BLOG.

Cool stuff! *coughthepicofthefoollookslikeJustincough*


Mia said...

You never tell me these things, little man, so now I will haunt your existence!
How cool-- what gallery is this for?

Crowter said...

unlike jerm i think signing in with your google account is a GENIUS idea since it means you dont need a new username and password and it encourages people to be...assimilated. yes.
you are lucky i trust you. someone less trustworthy could've made a fake sign in page and collected email passwords!!
well done for getting the blog working. i was feeling bad for you, getting all your friends to check out a...BROKEN LINK.
did kendra or gran mention that we bumped into your parents in the sogo basement? they may have moved out of causeway bay but they cant stay away from -real- shopping.