Wednesday, October 3, 2007

technical difficulties.

okay. hello. for those of you who witnessed my previous post (now deleted, because blogger is just cool that way), this is somewhat of a reiterated version of it. reiterated because i cannot for the life of me recall the exact words i used in the previous post, or can i retrieve my previous URL. so here’s the low down of what i had tried to express earlier…

hello! welcome to my blog! there are a multitude of reasons that i have come up with as to why i created a blog, some of them relevant to you, others not so much. i actually filled my previous deleted post with lame jokes, but cannot bring myself to repeat them (because that would be lamer. as in more lame), so i'm probably going to make up new ones as i go on. there is a high possibility that the newer jokes will out-lame the previous lame jokes, but that is a risk i am willing to take. i hope you will all live through this experience.

reason number 1:
it would be nice if there was some way to keep people who are interested in what i do updated on what i am doing. luckily, i was introduced to the wonders of keeping a blog! now i don't have to update every person individually! it really works! call today for your order of blog updates and get a digital pat on the back, absolutely free! what a deal!

reason number 2:
i forgot what reason number 2 was, but it probably wasn't all that important.

reason number 3:
probably more relevant to me than to you, this blog will help me get off my lazy ass and get it into gear. in my previous post i made some clever remark about how getting my ass in gear usually involves me sitting down. i'm not going to get into detail about that this time. instead, here's some visual reference.

reason number 4:

reason number 5:
because blogging can be so much fun.

so there you have it. the idea for this blog is simple: i'll keep posting ideas with deadlines whilst you guys act as silent (or not) witnesses to my tardiness. in compensation, i will try to keep you all interested with lame jokes and silly drawings. for the sake of coolness, let's hope this all works out.

welcome to my world.


J. Time said...

Your world is so brown. Haha.


Kent said...

Good stuff Art. Just try not to bore us.

Jeremy said...

oh man, i have to get a google account to leave comments? that sucks art. you suck. and who the hell is j.time? it better not be justin.

Michael said...

xanga is way kooler. id link mine on here but i dont want to steal your thunder.


Monica Grue said...

yeah this better be good arthur. jk jk... it will be awesome. glad to see u got a blog :D. have fun!

J. Time said...

who better not be justin? haha.