Saturday, November 24, 2007

ghost ride the whip.

here's the other animal i owe the world.

here's the gangsta version. (click it, it's a gif)

now, for my explanation. about a week ago (about right after i posted lazy day) i left my home in LA to italy (because i wanted to learn to serenade). there, i fell into a deep coma (too much pasta). it lasted a whole 1 day. i finally woke up in someone's home. i had amnesia. for the next 5 days, i had been developing a deep friendship with my new italian friend. all was well until the fifth night, my friend and i were enjoying spaghetti and meatballs, when all of a sudden, like lightning or something, something about the spaghetti reminded me of who i am (tabasco?). i told my italian friend and explained that i needed to get back to LA. i had something i had to do. and so, leaving italy and my friend behind, i returned here to LA in time to post yesterday.

but really, ive been working on a comic. i should have the first page inked to post soon, but it's not much. it's just the first page. btw, its not a webcomic.

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J. Time said...

lol i love your story of inspiration. ghost ride the whip!! sounds like some kind of powerful tagline.

you need to check your gmail now.