Tuesday, November 27, 2007

wishful thinking.

i actually didnt realize it was so soon, but it is. this saturday (december 1st) is the opening day of the wishful thinking show. you know, that show about all the christmas cards and whatnot. here's the poster.

eh? what's this? do your eyes deceive you? is that arthur's name on that poster? it is no trick. that is indeed my name. not a big deal you say? well, go jump in a well or something. i'll be sure to send lassie in your direction. eventually.

anyway, here's all the details for the show:

the show opens on saturday dec 1st from 7-11pm.

address is as follows:

project: gallery
8545 washington blvd
culver city, ca 90232

anyway, i will be there on opening night. along with a number of other people. if you can drop by, then please do. it's a small gallery, but their combined power level is over 9000 (ha. dragonball humor). i thank the people at project for letting me in the show.



J. Time said...

lol their combined power level. make your hair golden and boost it up to power level 10,000!!!

good job, dude.

prince of cake. said...

10,000??!?!? IMPOSSIBLE!!!