Friday, November 30, 2007

holy crap cakes!

i realize robin isnt exactly an animal, but i felt he was close enough.

believe it or not, this is something robin actually said. or so says my source. what the actual context of the line was, i may never know.

the story goes like this: a friend of mine sent me this link. as soon as i laid eyes on it, i wondered to myself why i never tried looking for this list myself. yes. all the "holy *whatever*, batman!" lines in the palm of my hand (not literally). almost immediately i thought to myself, "man, i really need to draw some of these". okay, maybe that's not exactly how that turned out. i was actually reading them out loud and my roommate suggested i should draw some. i dont know why that didnt hit me in the first place either.

anyway, story time is over (aww too bad). i've mentioned earlier that i was working on a comic and would post the first page. well ive decided not to post the first page because it's kinda boring to look at (there's no text yet so it'll make little sense anyway). so im gonna post another page later. maybe page 4 or 5. they are slightly more interesting to look at and really dont need much text to show what's going on. the idea is that someday, when i finally finish it (hopefully. fingers crossed), i'll bind it and turn it into an actual book. yeah. sounds ambitious. it is kinda. we'll see.

btw, look forward to more random robin drawings in the future. maybe not so much on animal friday tho.