Wednesday, January 2, 2008

dynamite explosion!!

er... HAPPY NEW YEAR! as usual, i am a bit late, but it is a tardiness that you will all come to love through continued exposure. that is if you dont love it already. or hate it. but it's a hate that you will miss. i think.


today, i can finally post some paintings i did before christmas that i worked on for my parents as gifts. i also only just realized that because blogger is blocked in china, where my parents are, i could have just posted the paintings long ago. first lesson of the new year! woo! actually, the first lesson of the new year for me is dont chew too much gum with phenylalanine in it. horrible.

ok. paintings. i would also like to say that scanned acrylic paintings look crappy. my gifts to my parents do not actually look this crappy.

this one was for my mom. i dont really feel like going into some kind of explanation, so i wont.


apparently i lost the file with the scanned image of the painting for my dad... that one will have to wait i guess.

so yeah. happy new year. when will i start doing new work? ha! that is for god to decide.

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