Friday, January 11, 2008

new things make old things look old.

it's a new year, which means it's time to change some of the old shit that has been the way it has been for too long. one of those things is my wallpaper on my computer (actually, i could sure use a new computer altogether). i havent drawn anything for about a month now (yes, im still in hong kong. one more week!). it's not that i dont enjoy drawing, it's just that when i get back to LA, all im going to be doing is drawing, so i might as well do the other things while im not in LA. but alas, i feel... how should i put it... unnatural (i guess) not drawing for so long, so i decided to make myself a new desktop wallpaper.

a very specific advantage of being in hk is the access to video games and anime i dont usually have access to in LA. here's my list: ive played assassin's creed (stupid ending), halo 3 (stupid story), bioshock (great story. and very creepy), and ive also watched an anime called "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann" (yes, long name. i dont know what it means). all these things ingites a burning passion that draws me to the dark side of fanart. haha. i know, fanart can seem pretty lame. but if youve done it before, im sure you'd understand how enjoyable it can be. for me it's almost therapeutic. you see, the great thing about fanart is i dont have to think about much (do i think about much anyway? hmm...). everything is already done for me: the characters, the atmosphere, setting, all of it, and all i have to do is draw what i want.

anyway, before i write an essay that most of you are probably uninterested in reading (which i totally would have done too), im just going to show you my desktop. what are you looking at? it is gurren lagann. from that tengen-wutever-so-on anime i mentioned earlier. if you like anime and giant robots (who doesnt? dont answer), you have to watch this. watch it. WATCH IT!!! or dont. im not your mom. although i dont think moms encourage the watching of cartoons/anime very often.

yes. i am torrenting... i know it's technically err... not very legal. but i delete it after watching. i swear!


Michael said...

you never burned that anime for me. im disappointed.

prince of cake. said...

i was going to, but my computer is f'ked up. it wont burn anymore... oh well, download it yourself. lol.