Wednesday, January 23, 2008

sneaky sneaky.

worked on this a while back, because i really enjoyed assassin's creed. even though the ending was, still is, and will always be, lame. what? what's assassin's creed? i'll tell you what assassin's creed is. in the form of interpretive dancing.

*dancing interpretively*

anyway, i feel the drawing is not so great, but the game isnt good enough for me to care that much, so... twiddly doo!

oh, and i only just remembered recently that i used to do something about animals on friday or something. btw, i am back in LA (call me <3). starting this week, i will return to the friday drawing thing, but i dont think it will be animals anymore. i feel like doing something different. we will see what i come up with by then.

i want to doodle. i will go doodle on someone's facebook wall (i have facebook OMG!!).


Monica Grue said...

nice drawing! thanks for the link too... very funny...

Samanthers said...


Let's hang out. E-mail me n' stuff.

prince of cake. said...

haha. im glad you approve monica.