Thursday, March 20, 2008


i dont beelieve (puns are stupid!) ive mentioned this yet, so... BEEHOLD!! (the puns! they burn!!!)

the hive gallery is having a themed group show featuring the denizens of hiveland where a bunch of geeky artists such as myself create an avatar to be their hiveland counterpart. for all you mmorpg freaks out there, it's like creating your character. i personally could not help but love this idea (because i am a dork).

i had finished the painting quite some time ago, but just didnt really get to scanning it. now that i have, ive decided to only show you part of it for now.

this is kenneth, one of my zombie bee friends. the other one, which i dont have a picture of, is justin. yes, to those who recognize those names, they are named after two of my actual friends (fancy that). if either of you is reading this, dont get too excited. i just couldnt think of more normal sounding names.

anyway, i think im going to do a scan of the sketch. Bee-R-Bee! i crack myself up.

---5 minutes later---

ok screw that. i think im going to post a progress thing tmr. it might be interesting. or terribly boring. fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

Kenneth and Justin the zom-bees?? Dude, you's either starvd or reelly high. huhu. Anonymous.

prince of cake. said...

hahaha zom-bees! i totally overlooked that! do i know you? are you jeremy or something?

Anonymous said...

Dude, what other friend of yours capitalizes at the start of a new sentence? J. TIME!!

prince of cake. said...

dude, you can choose the name/URL thing below the "leave a comment" box and write whatever.