Friday, March 21, 2008

zom-bees!! (i steal)

as i promised, here is the more complicated than it looks progress. complication mostly due to my indecisive nature.

idea 1.

first thing i did was open photoshop and doodled some crap. i ended up with the little dude and the bee thing. i felt it didnt look too bad, but it needed more. especially since he looked like he was looking at something. so i decided he would be chased by a big... err... thingie. looking at the picture, if the thingie didnt look so crappy, it wouldnt be half bad. the problem occured when i put the idea in the format of 8x10", which was a requirement for the show.

this is what it looked like. dont bother clicking the image as it doesnt get any bigger. if youve clicked it already, you are a loser.

i dont know about you, but i couldnt stand it. it just wasnt working for me. so i kinda ditched the whole chasing of wormy thing idea and went with...

idea 2.

idea 2 involved a different perspective. i did the doodle at the laundromat. unfortunately, it no longer smells of clean clothes. again, it didnt look too bad. in fact, the only thing bothering me was the dude's face. i dont know why i didnt just change it and go with the same idea. maybe because im a spaz. so instead i changed it again. this time more drastically.

idea 3.

this one was my least favorite visually, but i enjoyed conceptualizing on it. i got into a really geeky groove. i dont really know why i decided a zombie would be the way to go. maybe because by this point, i was so annoyed with changing things that i just wanted to kill the guy. anyway, here he is, looking "badass". i feel ashamed for even thinking it was at some point, but that is all in the past.

so yeah, i dislike (understatement) the drawing, but i really liked playing with the idea of undead characters. i thought all sorts of crazy things like, "maybe his head is bleeding because... it's some sort of wound he got when he was alive... or maybe it was the finishing blow that turned him into a zombie! maybe it's still bleeding, like his lust for revenge!! wow! waah!!.. etc". i then played with the idea that his weapons where just stuck in him and he'd just pull them out if he needed them. basically, i was totally geeking out. but in the end, the image looked the same. the character was still posing like some kind of poster. so i ditched it.

idea 4.

by this point, i had already taken a break from the whole thing. it was bugging me (haha pun) way too much to deal with. then i decided to draw some random silly things which eventually led to this. after a nice relaxing cartoon i figured, to hell with badass, im just going to turn it into a silly image that doesnt look very badass at all. i enjoyed it much more.

the end.


Anonymous said...

I really like your first idea. It's still J. Time by the way. I need a new blogger id, I know, I've lost my password.

Why don't you just adjust the position of your bee-rider and try to reaccomodate the worm monster around him?

Plus, the worm needs an arrow through its tongue or smth. Kind of a cool detail.

prince of cake. said...

the arrow through the tongue is a pretty good idea. but it's done. i did the last one where they look like they're having a tea party or something.