Wednesday, May 21, 2008


there will be no salt and pepper today. this time i feel like i have a legitimate excuse. spent some time working on the ol' website again, and finally, the links page is up!

welcome to caketown. i realize i am kinda borrowing that. oh well.

it's still kinda preliminary as it requires a bit of contribution from certain people to truly be complete (it's like collecting pokemon). caketown is also a bit lonely with only 12 cakes. if you would like to also be one of caketown, please contact me (go to my bio for an email address. or just my website). but know that i do not link blogs. and it would be preferable if ive actually met/talked to you before you become part of caketown.

in other news, i am going to start adding more cakes to the front page. i vaguely remember saying i would add more cakes, but i kinda didnt. well now i am. they arent there yet, but they will be. what new cakes will you see? well, here's one of them.

and there will be plenty more (plenty might be overestimating).


Samanthers said...

Holy crap and BRAVO!! You are amazing.

Yakkity Sax is a nice touch.

Speaking of which...can we talk...about something...secret? Soon? I have a proposition for you.

A SEXY proposition.

Okay, maybe not, but whatever.

prince of cake. said...

what is this secret sexy proposition you speak of?

Samanthers said...

No, seriously. I want you to help me build something. We will talk soon. When are actually on your way to Hong Kong?

prince of cake. said...

well, tell me when you tell me. i might be heading back to hk next week. we will see.