Sunday, May 25, 2008

fog horn.

lately, ive updated my "random people to mail to" roster and i now mail random shit to 4 people. to those of you who dont know, one of my posts way back when said something about mailing random drawings/paintings to my friend JT for no particular reason. he would reply with a drawing/painting for no particular reason. now i got more people to join the fun for no particular reason. anyway, most of the time the work i do for these are lack luster at best, but sometimes i get lucky and i do something even i like. this one is being sent to JT when i get off my ass and head to the mailbox. i know he doesnt look at my blog (because he's too old skool or something) so it doesnt defeat the purpose that i post it before i send it.

to all the other people i mail, maybe you'll get lucky next time. but for now you get lame :D

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